frequent asked questions


Are there any restrictions to Waxing?

DO NOT schedule your first ever wax right before a big life event! If you are planning this for a wedding, pageant, competition or other big day, ALWAYS plan a test run a month before.  You need to know if you are going to have any adverse reaction to the procedure and find out how long your recovery time will be.  This also gives you and idea about how long you will go before regrowth appears. Please DO NOT schedule waxing appointments if you have any type of skin irritation on the area you want to be waxed.  Please DO NOT schedule waxing appointments if you are sick, coughing or having your menstrual period. Getting waxed during your menstrual period, makes your skin much more sensitive and the pain level will be increased. If you are on your menstrual period, just please, use a tampon. 

What is a Vajacial?

A Vajaicial is a facial for the bikini area. When waxing or shaving, ingrown hairs can become a reoccurring problem… The  Vajacial treatment is designed to remove dead skin cells, treat ingrown hairs, smooth the appearance of bumps around the bikini line, as well as maintain hydrated and healthy skin.

Vajacials are recommended to all woman who wax or shave their bikini area.

Can the Vajacial be performed on the same day as the waxing?

Vajacial is best performed at least 4 days after waxing. I do not recommend having both services done at same day as it will irritate too much the skin down under.

What is the Axila Facial?

I’s a facial for the under arm areas. This facial can help brighten, soften and smooth the underarm skin, getting rid of blackheads and ingrown hairs you might be experiencing. special mask is applied to help remove aluminum, impurities, and build-up from underarms. Many sweat-stopping formulas can leave build-up and often worrisome residue that doesn’t wash away in the shower.

Can the Axila Facial help transition to non aluminum deodorants?

Yes it can. When switching to a natural deodorant, some experience a detox period that may include excessive sweating, odor and irritation. Uniquely, this facial can help shorten and ease the transition to a natural deodorant by ridding the body of toxins and balancing the good bacteria.

What is Skin Bleaching?

Skin bleaching is a safe procedure, done for cosmetic purposes, to make the color of the area more attractive and more uniform with the surrounding area. Skin bleaching is a very popular service for both men and women.  Anal bleaching is the process of brightening the skin in the anal region. My product is commonly used in the anal region and on other intimate areas like the labia, nipples and underarms. The products are gentle enough to be used on any hyper pigmented skin on the external body.

Can Skin Bleaching be performed on the same day as with waxing?

Yes, it’s safe to perform same day as waxing.

Is it normal to have discolored intimate areas?

Yes, and it’s more common than people think. the main causes for hyperpigmentation include sun exposure, hormonal influences including pregnancy, age, skin injury and inflammation. Any area on the body that has redness from sunburn, chaffing or irritation can eventually turn brown.

How does Skin Bleaching treat hyperpigmentation?

The professional & retail products contain natural “bleaching” & brightening ingredients to either achieve 1-3 shades lighter in a few professional treatments or reduce gradually with consistent use over a longer period of time. Best results come from professional & retail products combined.  

How light will the area treated become and how many sessions do I need?

The all-natural formula will safely lighten the skin to a more even skin tone until you will not see any hypo-pigmentation. However, results vary as everyone’s skin is very different. Some clients are happy after only a few sessions as others may choose to come more times until they are satisfied with the results.

Do I need to remove the hair before Skin Bleaching?

it is highly advised to remove the hair follicle prior to treatment, which will allow for deeper product absorption to see better results.

Can Skin Bleaching be performed as I am having laser treatment?

Yes. It is recommend to perform skin bleaching 24 hours post laser.

Is Skin Bleaching safe for pregnant women?

Completely natural and safe! However, it is not recommended for use while pregnant due to heightened hormones as this is when pigmentation can be caused. For best results use after pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is best and safest to wait for all hormonal changes to return to  normal before beginning treatment.  Usually about 18 months after stopping breastfeeding.